College Picks RULES


Everyone needs to send $20 via PayPal before making your bets

Send via PayPal or contact me to make other arrangements

You get $10,000 in fake money for the REST OF THE YEAR. You won’t get any more money for the whole season unless you win your games so bet it wisely.

Whoever has the most money at the end of the year wins the pot. If you lose all your money before then, you’re out. We will end the season before the Bowls; we may do some sort of Bowl challenge if people are interested.

Bet on no more than 10 games each week. If you exceed this maximum, only your first 10 will be counted.

If the game has no point spread next to it, you can’t bet it. It DOES NOT MEAN the point spread is 0 or even; it means there is no point spread and you can’t bet it. If you do bet on a game without a point spread, it won’t be counted.

You can only bet on the games I’ve posted.

A push or tie means you don’t win or lose any money (so if you bet $200 on a team that’s favored by 7 and they win by 7, it’s a push and you won’t win or lose anything.

All picks must be made before kickoff; you can’t change your bet after you post them.

Post the teams you want to bet on in a comment and type the dollar amount you want to wager next to each team.

Contact me with questions.