College Picks (Week 5)

Go here to READ the rules before making your picks!

Scroll down to the bottom and post the teams you want to bet on in a comment and type the dollar amount you want to wager next to each team. If the game has no point spread next to it, you can’t bet it.

Bet on at least 1 and no more than 10 games.

I’ve posted a sample comment to show you how to post your bets. Good luck!

9 replies on “College Picks (Week 5)”

Middle Tennessee +24 ($250)
USF (South Florida) +8 ($250)
Kansas +16 ($150)
Buffalo +1.5 ($150)
Virginia +12.5 ($150)
Minnesota EVEN ($150)
Rice +9 ($150)
Florida State -6 ($150)
UNLV +9 ($150)
UCLA +7.5 ($150)

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