This year, we will continue to have in-season prize money, but it will be a little different. Instead of awarding prize money each week, we will do so every three weeks.

With an 18-week season, there will be 6 three-game periods. The player with the best three-week record, will get upwards of about $100 depending on how many people play. Then it will reset, and we’ll do another three-week period. So, you can get a prize for having the best record for period one (weeks 1-3), and a prize for period 2 (weeks 4-7), and so on.

Note that your period one record will have no effect on your period 2 record as we will reset these records to 0-0 at the start of each new period.

IMPORTANT: This will be in addition to the yearly prize for best total record for the entire 18-game season, which should be around $600, depending on how many people play.

If it feels confusing, it will seem a lot clearer when I post standings after week one.

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