Week 1 Games

Week 1 is here.

Before making your picks at the bottom of this page, a few notes:

The New Lone Wolf Bonus

This year we have a new way for you to earn a bonus win every week: If you are the only person to pick a team, and that team wins; you get a bonus win. This requires no extra action on your part.

Read the Rules

If you haven’t done so, read over the rules before making your picks.

Follow the Guide

Make your picks in the comments area below according to the rules. I’ve posted a sample comment so you can see the proper format. Please follow this format so I can accurately add up the results.


Sometimes, websites go down. I’ve added my email below. Copy it down now. If you encounter an issue that keeps you from making your picks, send them to me via this email. Take a moment to copy this email down so you won’t have a problem later.

Week 1 Games

Green Bay +3.5 At Chicago -3.5

Atlanta +3.5 At Minnesota -3.5
Washington +9.5 At Philadelphia -9.5
Buffalo +2.5 At NY Jets -2.5
Baltimore -6.5 At Miami +6.5
San Francisco +.5 At Tampa Bay -.5
Kansas City -3.5 At Jacksonville +3.5
Tennessee +5.5 At Cleveland -5.5
LA Rams -2.5 At Carolina +2.5
Detroit -2.5 At Arizona +2.5
Cincinnati +9.5 At Seattle -9.5
Indianapolis +6.5 At LA Chargers -6.5
NY Giants +6.5 At Dallas -6.5
Pittsburgh +6.5 At New England -6.5

Monday Night Football
Houston +6.5 At New Orleans -6.5
Denver +.05 At Oakland -.05